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FLX Nectar - VANILLA SCREAM e-Juice 36ml

Sale: $8.45
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This Vanilla is just ok, the only reason it is just ok is because the flavor is too weak. If they doubled the amount of flavoring in this juice it would be perfect, in fact, I have been looking for a Vanilla Ice Cream flavor that was as close to the Blu Cartomizer Vanilla, but have not been able to find any since Johnson's Creek stopped selling their Vanilla Ice Cream flavor (who produces this for Blu).

No other vanilla flavor has come close this this except for this Flux Nector Vanilla Scream. The problem is the name is a misnomer since it's so weak and doesn't Scream at all, unfortunately.

Please, please, please have this manufacturer double the amount of flavoring in this juice and you will sell the (you know what) out of this flavor for sure.
Date Added: 12/30/2012 by Michael Lawver
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