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eGo Style Battery & Pass Through

This category contains any eGo style battery and pass throughs, whether they be single voltage, 3 stage voltage or completely variable voltage. eGos are not considered mods per se as they have a built in battery that cannot be removed. Once the useful battery life of these kind of PVs has been exhausted you cannot replace the cell within but instead simply toss or recycle in the most environmentally way possible. This category contains Genuine Joyetech as well as other brands from manufacturers such as SLB and Vision. Pass through systems can be hooked up to a USB port and can be vaped while charging and when you are mobile you can remove the cord and vape as you would a regular eGo style battery. The exception to this are those units that are simply a pass though and must be tethered to a powered USB port as they do not have an internal battery, an example of such a unit would be our AMiGo“ Variable 3 Stage Pass Through.

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