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Greensound SOLE eLips 360 Clearomizer


Sorry but i can't give this anything over a 2 star rating.I just recieved my second clearo (i purchased the sole kit and the original clearo cracked in 3 days) and it has cracked already in the first week of recieving it.I also posted in the forum about this issue and still have not recieved any reply(which i expected)on the issue.You would think IF gotvapes wanted to keep customers,they would respond and might even offer a replacement???I know other retailers DO.Sorry i will buy somewhere else,i can not see trusting anyone retailer that refuses to respond to a problem.If you want to take this as being angry,yes,i am.If i buy from any other retailer and this happened i WOULD have had a reply,and a replacement sent out after the second issue.I REFUSE to have to purchase another (when they become available) from gotvapes wondering if it will crack AGAIN in a weeks time?
Date Added: 10/28/2012 by keith conner
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