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GotVapes VISION Replaceable Stardust 1.6ml w/ 2.4ohm Long Wick

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These are great for beginners... They are cheap to purchase and cheap to maintain. The capacity makes ejuice waste low, and is still sufficient for a good portion of a days usage. If this is the choice you go with, buy multiples and some atomizers at the same time to reduce the chances that you will have a roadblock to your vaping due to an equipment failure (also having multiples means you can have several flavors with you at one time and should have enough ejuice for a day without the need to carry bottles with you). They store well, and the size means they don't get snagged on things as easy as the larger tanks. The eGo threading means you don't have to worry about thread sleeves, and changing tanks is a breeze. Vapor production is good and the screw on mouthpiece helps to make leaking much less common. These are also much more durable than most other tanks... solid construction. Also, they wick well, even when low on ejuice.

So, that was some good things. Here are some bad: I've gotten several of these units from many sources. The inner stems are not always straight, often to the point that the top of the atomizer doesn't actually seal with the tip. In some instances, the tank can just be pressed down onto the metal collar to seat it better and this straightens out the alignment, other cases the air shaft was just bent. I've seen several out of box failures (two cases of the atomizer not firing, one case of the whole unit being defective). Often the tubes are so tightly fastened to the base that you can't unscrew them without resorting to pliers, which often results in broken or cracked tubes. A few instances of loose atomizers has resulted in me checking every unit, which is difficult if you can't remove the tube. I've seen three examples of the gasket between the base and the tube being "wrong" and getting pinched making mounting or removing the tube difficult. Also, I do notice a high propensity to draw in tiny bits of ejuice during a hit.

I say the bad things so you realize what you're getting into, but the reality is, this is a simple and good starting tank/clearomizer. Everyone who I convince to start up vaping are encouraged to get these due to the size, cost, durability, and ease.
Date Added: 02/28/2013 by Eric Konopinski
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