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GotVapes VISION Replaceable Stardust 1.6ml w/ 2.4ohm Long Wick

$6.95  $5.75
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When it's fresh, it's a decent vape. Nice vapor production, though due to dry hits with 50/50, and 100% VG fluids, often the flavors can be a bit burnt.

I found myself having to turn it upside down a lot to avoid said dry hits.

After cleaning/replacing the coil, it became somewhat leaky, with me often finding juice in my mod's connector.

The tube also managed to become loose from it's threads, wobbling, and sitting cockeyed, which often lead to flooding and 'gurgly' hits.

If you leave it alone, you may well enjoy it, but I've probably gotten more mouthfuls of hot juice from this clearo than any other.
Date Added: 02/15/2013 by Caleb Harber
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