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GotVapes PHOENiX™ Bottom Coil 1.5ml Carto 2.4-2.6ohm - CLEAR

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These are great only problem is if you fill according to the instructions after a few fills they start to leak because of the whole that u keep having to poke the needle through. They are now selling replacement seals to fix it. I just put a condom (the little rubber caps) on the bottom pull out the inner rubber seal the one your supposed to poke the whole in. just pull it out don't poke it. Fill, replace inner seal put in drip tip take condom off bottom & like magic it smokes great & doesn't ever leak because the hole ever gets poked so it doesn't get to big & start letting in air leading to leaks. & you don't need to buy replacement seals. I poked the first three cuz that's what the instructions say. They all smoked great but buy the forth or fifth fill started leaking. so I tried my method for the last two and I'm still smoking them 2 weeks later. when they wear out. I'll transpher the unpoked seals to the three leaking ones & enjoy leak free performance from those. great cartomizers, but they need to change the filling instructions.Happy vaping
Date Added: 10/05/2012 by Joel Davis
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