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a lot better built than the stones but flavor of my juices tasted better in stone tank.. in this vivi, the flavors are all off and have like a slight plastic/?? taste to them..hopefully there really is a breaking in period and that will subside soon, been almost two fill ups with two tanks and still tastes off though.. either way these are still great with my strong tobacco juice and the peppermints, they seem to hide whatever the weird taste is..

now i am greatly disapointed that the two kits i got did NOT have the aiir holes on tanks were they are shown in pic! they are on the connecting thread itself whichthis makes these nearly unusable on my lavatube
(( none of the units have the hole in the base any further, that was an older version and the ones you have are v2.5 . the old style has been discontinued ))
Date Added: 07/03/2012 by Sylvie Kuchma
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