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FLX Nectar - Pear-Juice 36ml

Sale: $8.95
Save: 36% off

Flippin' Awsome!!!! TASTES exactly like a pear, with(most importantly)-NO strange/nasty extra flavor notes!! I cant believe how SPOT ON their fruit flavors are! I have been on a quest to find some REALLY GOOD fruit flavors, & I HAVE FINALLY FOUND MY SUPPLIER:-)!! Ive tried almost ALL the "big name", & popular(via forums) e-juices in a search for some fruit flavors that taste great, & DONT HAVE THAT "oh so comon"-EXTRA/WEIRD/BAD TASTING "FLAVOR NOTE" I have found in SOO MANY e-liquids. Many of which were even recomended, & left me DISSAPOINTED! NOT HERE!!- FINALLY I have found my fruit flavors!- & folks, there is NO WEIRD, or strange tastes accompanying THIS JUICE!! Flavor is spot on, & tastes JUST LIKE TROPICANA!!-LOL!! Thanx a Million "gotvapes"!
Date Added: 10/27/2012 by Eric Bretschneider
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