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Flat Sided Aluminum 510 Drip Tip - FUSCIA PINK


These are a series of drip tips that can hold up very well to almost any use and/or abuse placed upon the 510 atomizers. Dripping is relatively easy; this tip offers a better mouth-feel when vaping too. The aluminum material is practically indestructible and works well for an extended period of time. There are not issues with any melting of the tip or mushy-feel to it as is often discovered when using the Delrin or the more cheaper made drip tips from plastic for the 306 atomizers.

This is one series of drip tips I can fully get behind and recommend to other e-cigarette user, especially those who prefer dripping rather than using cartridges in order to add e-liquids to your atomizers or cartomizers. This drip tip series also fits well into a fair number of cartos in addition to atomizers making it even nicer to use a carto due to the mouth-feel when vaping.

Cons? This is a product that has severely limited cons. The only disadvantages I discovered with these tips are minor at best. Over time, the color will begin to fade out some but this is something I feel can be considered acceptable use changes. The other problem I found with this drip tip is taking the first vape from the atomizer but rather than have clouds of vapor come from the tip, it is not unusual to have a small amount of e-liquid draw out and into the mouth where it must be spit out or at the very least spit into a few tissues or paper towel then rinse the mouth area for safety reasons. This generally occurs upon first use of the new drip tip and sometimes after adding dripped e-liquid on a cold e-cigarette first thing in the day or night, whichever the case may be. Otherwise, this is an overall great product and well worth the cost. It lasts a long time and stands up to long-time use.

Great buy on a terrific product. I highly recommend it. The only reason I did not give this drip tip a perfect 5-star rating has to do with the drawing of a bit of e-liquid into the mouth upon first initial use and at times when first using the e-cigarette for the day when it's cold and the liquid has not had a chance to heat up yet.

Highly recommended for use with atomizers and any cartomizers that will allow this drip tip to work. Personally, I would keep a few of these on hand in case of loss or misplacement. Additionally, having a few on hand will help when a best friend or colleague makes the switch from analogs to e-cigarettes. It serves as a really nice "Welcome to the safer alternative world of e-cigarettes, in addition to a hardy farewell to analogs along with all their harmful chemicals going with them," gift!
Date Added: 01/16/2012 by Samantha Thomas
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