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Pioneer4u IPV v2 50 Watt - FREE Shipping - GRAY

$109.95  $59.95
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I am on day 4 of using this mod. I bought it to cape aspires sub ohm tank. A few flaws I noticed with mine i received. I noticed some scratches on the screen, at first thinking it was glue, I had tried to scratch it a little more to find it just scratching more. Upon some research it actually was a film covering the screen. Which nowhere in the manual stares there is a film on it, and its very hard to notice it as there was no edging indicating the film for removal, it was cut the same ad the screen itself. On day 2 screwing my tank on without over tightening. The 510 thread housing came loose and won't fully tighten anymore, if you let it you can keep screwing your tank on with no end. The threads are fine, its just the housing part. Occasionally it will read the coil wrong. I'm using a .5 ohm coil and most of the time reads it at .6 which isn't too bad, but it has showed .8 to 1.0 which of course fires off a lot more volts then .5 ohms should have. The adjusting screw for the 510 contact point only stays "tight" when fully down making the screw wobble when you need to back it out for other tanks. With this being said, using 2 different 1.8 ohm tanks from kangertech will not read the ohms if the screw is in the lowest position, it comes up with an error saying low resistance. Overall its just not what I had expected from an over 100$ mod. Everything just kinda feels like it was whipped together and a "quality" sticker tossed in the box, with no actual inspection done to see if it had issues or not. Also. The screws for the battery compartment strip very very easily. It does get the job done. But shouldn't be the price it is with the quality you get.
Date Added: 01/31/2015 by mike dumas
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