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New SMOKtech AROwinder 1000mah VV 3.2-4.8v STNLS Collar - BLACK


Taking one star away for the neck being so long; i think it could be made half as long.... hopefully the Aro Winder 2.0 will have a shorter neck.
Can't speak for longevity or how long it lasts (heck i just opened the package and screwed on an XJet a moment ago) but so far i like it. 1000mah in this little guy, great.
I was using ego mini batteries and/or 14500 matrix-s or 14500 mods... but i think this might replace them all. Convenient charging on ego charger, seems solid, looks good (except the long neck) almost fully concealable (1/2" shorter and it would be a done deal), i like the button. Not real fond of how bright the light is (it will light up room when charging at night, but i guess i needed a night light anyway). The voltage adjustment is good and tight and well marked. Glad i got two of them.
Date Added: 08/07/2014 by Wallis Hanson
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