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Kanger NEW Upgraded Bottom Dual Coil Replacements - 2.0ohm


I'll admit I questioned the new upgraded Kanger enclosed wick BDC but after trying it once I'm hooked! My preference is the 2.5ohm as my mod is a VV/VW (3.0v to 6.0v) with a sweet-spot setting at around 4.3+/-; hwr, the 2.0ohm works almost identical to the 2.5ohm due to my advanced mod unit. These are supposed to reduce leaks but I've never had trouble with leaking coils. I did have an issue w/a mis-threaded airflow adapter valve (defect from Kanger manufacturer, which they remedied in short order after providing proper ID of PT units I own from the PT1, PT2, PT2v2, PT3, PT3 Mini, & Unitank along w/the info & box of the defective airflow valve).

These coils work especially great with the new airflow valve when used with the updated enclosed wick BDC on my PT3 unit. Despite the need to replace the defective valve, Kanger lives up to the major kudos I read across the internet from global users of these products and I agree. These BDCs are perfect for use with the airflow adapter valve add-on with the Pro Tank 3. Any high quality e-liquid combined with this BDC plus the airflow valve adapter allows flavor to burst through with no leaks. The airflow adapter valve adds another layer of perfection to the foundation of a Pro Tank 3! Well worth the setup for the flavor & air control. These enclosed wicks are considerably less messy to change out when they finally clog or refuse to draw well.

My only wish is that Gotvapes offered these in separate optional 5pk, 10pk, 15pk, & 20pk count boxes at a bit more of discounted rates to match others I find online from dealers who, like Gotvapes, are licensed resellers of Kangertech products. Again, Kangertech never ceases to provide quality products while continuing to improve upon predecessor items.
Date Added: 10/30/2014 by Samantha Thomas
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