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Kanger e-Smart 510 Manhattan Thick Stick 320mah Full Kit - PURPL

$54.95  $24.95
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I won this in the weekly GotVapes contest on ECF. I have several more advanced devices (VV and VV/VW) that I use as my APVs, and I probably wouldn't have purchased this otherwise. However, it is an excellent starter kit for someone new to vaping. In addition, I have used this when I needed to be more stealthy. It's extremely an extremely attractive kit, too. My one complaint is that the e-smart (why do I think of Elizabeth Smart every time I see "e-smart"?) clearos are tricky to fill--getting between the center post and the side of the clearo is tough (but it's because they are tiny). If I was making suggestions for a starter kit, this would be one I would recommend.
Date Added: 02/15/2014 by Ray Slagle
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