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NEW SLB eGo-V MEGA V3 1300mah eGo Pass Through - BLACK

$35.95  $14.95
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I really loved this battery when I got it. It worked great. I loved the VV feature and OHM meter. Didn't really use the VW. I could check the voltage on my coils. But this battery barely lasted 3 months. The screen cracked quickly and the metallic paint peeled on the bottom.. I realized this was all cheap plastic! I had to be careful when unplugging this because the whole bottom would slide out. After about 2.5 months this battery ended up getting fried. Not sure if it was a bad coil or just that this battery was junk to begin with. All it would do is read 'lo'. This was a fairly expensive battery. I should be able to expect a battery to last at least 6 months. I even have an older model eGo VV 600 mah that has lasted over a year. It is indestructible. It's been dropped on ceramic tile countless times and not a single crack. I was a lot more careful with this one. These china-made products need more quality control. I think they are laughing at us for buying up their junk...100% plastic ha ha ha ha ha!
Date Added: 04/11/2014 by Leah Bliss
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