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NEW SLB eGo-V MEGA V3 1300mah eGo Pass Through - STAINLESS

$35.95  $14.95
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This might be a long review about two products I just purchased from "",
and also some comments about the quality, service, and integrity of these venders.
I just purchased the new "SLB eGo-V MEGA V3 1300mah eGo Pass Through_STAINLESS",
and the new "Vision Aurora BFT-Bottom Fed Tank-Top Atomizer Kit_GREEN",
The new features on "SLB eGo-V MEGA V3 1300mah", such as "Easy OHM Meter",
"Variable Wattage along with Variable Voltage", and the "1300mah increased battery
capacity" in my opinion makes this the best valued Mod on the market today, it also
has a very stylish, and elegant appearance. Now, about "Aurora BFT", like many of
you out there I've been vaping a long time and I have lots small tools, so I've
been tinker en and modifying atomizers and Clearos & Cartos for the longest time,
I have multiple Genesis styles and multiple mod types, I've used the steel mesh,
400, 325, 270, and even went to the 230, made them all work but they still have
the metal taste, love the ceramic stone, they have the best taste, these rebuild able
heads that come with the "Aurora BFT", can also be modify ed to work ceramic stone
as well, all of this is just to let you know that I have not experienced any system
with a consistence flavor like this "Aurora BFT", I also own the "SvoeMesto Kayfun Mini V2.1_Full Kit",
from "", I pay ed $140.00 because shipping was so expensive, took eleven days to
get here, its pretty magnificent, but probably will go on the back burner for awhile now that
I am experiencing true flavor with the "Aurora BFT", I might offer two suggestions to Chris and
Daniel, if you could get your source to shorten the chimney for use with the rebuild able
heads, also if you could get caps for the 1.8ml Replacement/Spare Bottles, and sell them for maybe
#1.00!, I probably would purchase 10 right away, if you think about it, they could be carry
in a stealth maner and changable on the fly with multiple flavors! I'm going to post this
review on gotvapes site in both product catigories and also on the "web of trust", web site, might
I also suggest to everyone who reads this review that if you have grown to trust and believe
in the honesty, integrity, quality of service, fast shipping, and full desclosure we always
get from these two vender, Chris and Daniel, that you also post a copy of your postive reviews on the
"web of trust site", when there is a large volume of postive reviews on the "web of trust site",
the WOT icon show up green in the search engines and drives more traffic to the gotvapes site
and we all want that.

Salem, Oregon
Date Added: 11/26/2013 by Jack Rager
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