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Vision Aurora BFT NEW- Bottom Fed Tank Top Atomizer Kit - RED

$27.95  $24.95
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Wow, I really like this Bottom Fed Tank so much! I've never been into dripping since it's not that convenient but the Aurora gives you the best of both worlds; the incredible flavor of dripping with the convenience and capacity of a tank. I planned on just using this occasionally to experience the full flavor of a liquid but it's now one of my primary tanks and I'm def ordering more. I've never really liked bottom coils, bcuz of flavor, but the one feature they had that top fed tanks don't is the ability to change the coil or head without pouring out the juice and all that. With the Aurora I feel like I'm using a top fed device like the Nova but I can easily change the head or juice without going through all the usual trouble I do with Novas. I'm curious as to see if I can even use a nova head with this, as it looks like the same threading and size, by just trimming the wicks. The device is an amazing piece of engineering & technology because the coil or head is so far away from the battery., which probably explains why it's rather pricey. Also even though the coils I use are recognized as 1.8 ohm by my Evic, I have to turn the wattage significantly higher for it to hit normally, up 2-3 watts, and I think the far distance between battery and head is the reason for this also. All the parts of the Aurora are really great quality, really durable, and also the drip tip is removable and you can use any 510 drip tip you want (the description wasn't clear on this) and it makes it that much better. The Aurora is big and wide tho, fits great on my Ego, but with my Evic I have to unscrew the top cap to be able to screw it on, so unfortunately this won't fit on the Evic easy head. Still tho, If you're interested in trying something new or want the flavor of dripping with the convenience of a tank, then absolutely give the Aurora BFT a try. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Date Added: 11/28/2013 by Chasen Kukuda
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