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NEW SMOKtech Pyrex Glass DCT 6ml Tank - BLACK

Sale: $8.95
Save: 40% off

The visual look on this tank is pretty kick ass... I picked one up in the anodized blue... Very nice look for it'z size... Filling it up wasn't too complicated, get's 2 be pretty simple once you figure out what you're doing... Now when it came 2 actually smoking off it... It produced a steady amount of smoke, I just wasn't to keen on the after taste... I feel like I'm tasting part off the plastic, along with my flavor which I believe is coming from the tip...? Umm no not entirely I tried various aluminum tipz n got the same result... Very upsetting for the fact that I chose this product thinking that daaamn this tank lookz great, just doesn't entirely give me the satisfaction I was hoping for... The flavor I dropped into my tank was that of the green goblin from their nectar juice department...! The flavor itself ain't so bad, I tried it out in other tankz... Other than that I still have hope for this tank...
Date Added: 06/29/2013 by STEVEN BARAJAS
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