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FLX Nectar - Oreo Double Stuff e-Juice 36ml

Sale: $8.45
Save: 39% off

I ordered the 36ml bottle as soon as I noticed it. I love oreo cookies and let me tell you something, they did a really good job on this juice! Everything is there and then some! The taste is probably better than an actual oreo, the sweetness is perfect. On the inhale, you get the cookie and the creme. The chocolate isnt over powering. Before this I think the only oreo juice was made by ben johnson, but this is much better and a much better value, since your getting 6ml more than you would with BJ's, plus this one is cheaper. I can see this as my all day vape. Try it out guys!
Date Added: 03/20/2013 by Kevin Brunclik
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