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Vapeonly 3.5ml BCC MEGA w/ 3 Heads - Black Cap/Blue Tube

Sale: $4.19
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So far, this by far the best tank that I've tried in terms of quality of Vape/Throat hit and easibility of re-filling. I'm not been a fan of Wick type carts due to the fact that no matter how long the wick, you always have to tilt to keep the wick soaked where it enters the coil. However, I've always like the wick tanks as I think they bring out the flavor of the liquid better. With this tank, you get both. It's still a wick tank, so you get the great taste but since the wicks are at the bottom, you don't have to keep tilting to keep them wet. The bonus is that this is a well built tank and I've not experienced any leaking of any kind, which I experienced with the Viva Nova tanks. THis is now my number one tank!
Date Added: 02/13/2013 by Brandan Eddy
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