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Vapeonly 3.5ml BCC MEGA w/ 3 Heads - Black Cap/Smokey Tube

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Unfortunantly I am sad to say this about this product as I was hoping it was going to be as good as my Vivi nova. Bottom line is this product needs some improvement. My first vape on this was harsh and tasted badly burned. I thought well maybe my voltage is too high(provari) so I lowered the voltage, I had to drop it almost a full volt to get a good cape and even then if I puff on it for about five minutes I still get the burned taste. My guess is the wicking material can't keep up with the amount I was trying to vape on it. I will put this in my pile of items to revisit when it is improved on... Message form gotvapes>>>(( we have thoroughly tested these and there hasnt been any issues reported other then minor dry hits with very thick juice, if thats the issue your having, please remove one of the 4 strands in the coil head, this will allow for more thicker juices to seep in there and there shouldnt be any leaking at all))
Date Added: 02/12/2013 by John Wright
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