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SMOKtech 18350 GRIPPER Mechanical - Black Rubberized


I've been e smoking for 3 years. I've been through 10s of egos from twists to upgrades to regulars all die in the end from a shorted cartomizer. Finally after hundreds of dollars I was told I need a Smok V-Max. Got one as a gift from GF almost $200 with charger batts & all, 3 months later shorted circuit board. So much for short proof. Wanted to try a mechanical mod. Had my charger & 2 18350 IMR AW batts not being used from burnt vmax. Tired of waisting money saw this...........THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPED TO E-SMOKING FOR ME. Some would frown at non-protected batt in mechanical mod but IMR are safe chemistry just vent & get hot in event of hard short that dosnt scare me(ex-army) explosives expert not much does. Have had no problems, none. I have the red button top AW batts. I put them in button up fires every time no problem. Extension is a must should be included but nice that u can make it cheaper if u really don't want it. But I can use it with my Phoenix, Viva Nova, Smok dual coil, visions all the stuff you acquire after 3 years. To those having problems try the batts I have or send it back if you can mine works fine EVERY TIME. All the money I've spent & a $15 throw away is the best. Such is life sometimes. It's very we'll built only say throw away because of price. Rubberized plastic very study, button is good sized & just feels solid has a nice travel coming from the small click of egos & the V-Max this just give a feel that is going to last. That's all I can say fits in the palm of my hand I have average to small hands for a man. With one batt in one charging I always have power m I'm done looking will buy two or 3 more incase something does happen but I'm just loving this. A total shocker, almost got a telescope or some other $50 mechanical so glad I found this. At this price if you are reading this just buy it. You'll be glad. If u have the problems of the others send it back get a new one mine works fine all the time.
Date Added: 03/12/2013 by Joel Davis
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