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Vape Safe II HD - REUSEABLE 2 Cents For Safety Mod Safety Fuse

Sale: $8.95
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THIS IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT! It protects your e-cigs, esp the MOD E-cigs from shorts & other malfunctions that will destroy MOD e-cigs. Granted, for some people the MOD E-cigs' prices are ok; hwr, there's a much larger group out here, myself included, who cannot afford the high-cost of replacing a high, or rather higher-end e-cig. We can barely cover our household bills let alone replacing a pricey MOD that has taken many of us months after months of saving a bit each month in order to purchase MOD units such as those that use variable volt &/or variable wattage options. So, the major problem with this wonderful & amazing piece of safety is the fact it either will not allow the battery compartment area to screw on after the battery & 2Cents Fuse is in place or it leaves a considerable opening that can cause the loss of the thread-on cap in order to make the MOD work. I've yet to find the threaded caps for the MODs available in anything short of the E-Power & up until recently, they didn't have variable volt or wattage & I'm not sure if they are sporting one or the other now but even the E-Power is pricey but even more so are the full-size Bomber VV, Lambo VV, & even the Bolt with extension in order to allow for a stronger battery in the unit.

Until the manufacturers begin offering threaded base pieces for specific MOD e-cigs that will accommodate our e-cigs, this is basically worthless or at the very least will lead to the loss of the threaded cap that holds the battery in place along with providing the necessary wire section to make the battery function.

So yes. This is an amazing product, particularly now that it allows for multiple uses without blowing the fuse on the first hit like the older model, which was a 1 shot deal. If something goes wrong & the former 2Cent protector gets hit you will need to replace it in order to have any safety but with this one, that is no longer an issue but again, until there's some type of adapter to extend the base allowing the room necessary for the 2Cents Fuse and allowing the threading of the cap that fits over the base of the battery & allows it to fit snug but not over-tightened, it is impossible to give this amazing safety device 5-Stars even as much as I want to give it 5-Stars but I can't do it until there are changes made to allow for space & full enclosure of the cap w/negative side of the battery to allow the e-cig to work as well as ensuring there is no loss of the cap end due to the inability to fully thread the cap down with the 2Cents' fuse inside.
Date Added: 04/08/2013 by Samantha Thomas
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