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SMOKtech Refill Funnel for DCTs & GotVapes Phoenix Raven Tanks

$4.95  $3.95
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I felt the need to write a counterpoint review. Is this funnel perfect? Absolutely not... but it is still miles better than filling a carto tank WITHOUT a funnel.

The holes are arguably too small or perhaps just not optimally placed. So... if you just blithely dump a long hard squeeze of liquid in it will indeed "clog" and possibly even overflow (if you aren't paying enough attention to stop before that happens)... especially if you use a thicker eliquid. If, however, you face one of the holes towards yourself and use short squeezes down the near side while SLIGHTLY tilting the tank towards you (to allow air to more easily leave the tank through the now slightly higher rear-facing hole) it works passably well. If it does still manage to clog on me I just flick it gently with my finger while keeping it slightly tilted and it usually will drain after one or two flicks.

So what would improve it? I've given a lot of thought to that question and, while I'm not 100% sure I have the be all/end all answer, I'll pass along my two cents in case they might lead the manufacturer to even better thoughts. First, I can't help but wonder if this wouldn't work better if the interior bottom sloped towards one side (rather than being basically flat) with a single large broad hole at the bottom of that ramp (just a hair above the part that fits inside the carto). In theory that single hole could extend as much as halfway around the stem of the funnel (almost more of a notch than a hole really) without compromising strength or function... which might just eliminate the need for a second hole altogether. If a second "air vent" hole WAS still needed it could be placed at the high end of the ramp... just below the inside bottom of the tank's top cap.

I've seen one other "funnel" device that was designed somewhat similar to what I just described but it lacked an actual funnel cup at the top... really it was just a plug cut at a slant... which presents it's own problems (talk about a mess if you squeeze too much juice too fast or don't get it pushed in just the right amount!)
Date Added: 12/20/2013 by Marya Moore
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