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GotVapes E1 ReLOaD™ Replaceable eGo Clearo 2.0ml LR 2.0-2.3ohm

$5.95  $3.25
Save: 45% off

Shipping was on point, (from tx to va in 2 days)

Product is as advertised

Product was very effective out of the box

Ordered a 2.4-2.8 ohm replacement as well

they both worked great

Until i dropped the product

it fell off my desk the other day, and has been a steady leak ever since

I cannot locate this leak

it seems to be leaking out of the top of the clearo thru the threads

Not happy with the quality

When it does work. It works amazingly well. I do recommend that you purchase this if you are sick of buying crappy cartos

This is a very good system. Wicks well, lasts long taste is amazing

Again my only gripe is that after it fell about 2.5 feet it is constantly leaking, i have disassembled it and everything; nothing appears to be damaged, and i am NOT mis-threading it. it just leaks. IDK. still worth the money

thanks got vapes :)
Date Added: 11/15/2012 by Drake Montalbano
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