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SMOK XCube BT50 50W VW 6-50W Bluetooth- Stainless

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Duly impressed with this solid, stylish Stainless Bluetooth capable mod from SMOKtech I made a pre-anouncement in our forum at ECF ( This outlined a good overview of the features of the XCube BT50 that I immediately liked. I will repeat those bullet points here: I am probably more impressed with this box mod from SMOKtech than any we have received from them. The reason:
  • SMALL but SOLID Stainless Steel construction- fits nicely in you hand- SOLID - BIG & Scary and Obnoxious NO, SMart and Stylish YES.
  • You SQUEEZE the mod, yes an easy effortless squeeze of a VAPE BAR that occupies one whole side of the unit and This FIRES the mod as well as LOCKS it up with 5 click/presses and THREE presses enters you into an easy to use MENU system to change wattages, Change LED Colors, Turn Bluetooth pairing on/off, Set Date/Time, etc
  • Using Bluetooth is fun if you wanna give it a go, the SMOK software provides options for varying wattages during the vape (maybe you want to start the vape out at a higher wattage to start then ease it down?). Other Bluetooth functions available. But I will tell you this that we cannot guarantee the Bluetooth functionality as some users are reporting it doesn't work with their android. We cannot guarantee that part of the experience but the Mod is great without it (something I probably won't personally use)
  • One thing I LOVE is the OLED is set atop the Mod meaning as you vape you can see before your eyes while vaping the pertinent info such as wattage, resistance, etc 0- NICE
  • This thing looks COOL - seriously it reminds me of something Apple might put out if they got into e-cig manufacturing. SIMPLICITY in the interface with a firing BAR not a button that is integrated itself in the side of the Mod and you can change the glowing LED light lights up and down the length of the mod in the menu section. Very cool imprinting with the XCube and SMOK logos etched into the Stainless. You have this baby out and about it is not massive or obnoxiously big BUT COOOOOL. You will get alot of lookie-seers : )
  • Built IN 2000mah battery and comes with its own Micro USB charging cable
  • - AND - You Can Vape While it Charges! Pass- thruuuuu! - because of this it would make part of an excellent starter kit where someone doesn't necessarily need extra PV's when one loses its charge, you can simply tell them to plug it into their USB port and keep going. (often times I recommend someone get our starter kit that contains two 1000mah egos in it because if they are trying to quit they need that back-up and swap out - I probably run into 1-2 smokers a week who I get to stop smoking and that's where I usually point them to but this unit would make a great, cool, fun alternative!

What You Get:
  • SMOKtech XCube BT50 - 2000mah 50W Mod
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Handy and well written manual that covers all the features & operation and gives a rundown of menu functions
  • Presentation packaging

Summary of Features:
  • Solid feel in the palm of your hand - constructed of Stainless Steel
  • Variable Wattage Mode: 6W -50W in .1W increments
  • Mech Mode - bypasses variable circuitry and allows a vape from the inherent voltage.
  • 2000mah Internal Battery
  • Firing your atomizer via 'squeezing' the Mod - in other words there is a Vaper Bar down the full length of the mod a=nd pressing it in or 'squeezing' it fires your atty- VERY comfortable and easy to work.
  • Five presses in succession and you can lock the unit
  • Three presses and you enter the menu mode which is fairly easy to navigate and understand
  • Safety venting at the base and short circuit protection.
  • Easy time/date setting
  • TOP mounted OLED screen where you can EASILY observe settings as you vape.
  • Bluetooth turn on/off and communicated to the the SMOK Bec Pro software on your phone (Android 4.3+ and iOS 6.0+ to control every feature of the mod and many more that expands yoru functionality Pass Through usage of the Mod while it is charging via the included Micro USB Charging cord.
  • Sub Ohm Vaping Capability - you can vape as low as .2ohm
  • Dimensions as measured IN HOUSE - 80.5mm high; 46.5 mm across; 25.7mm deep
  • Weight: 7.5 ounces without atomizer or tank attached

You can get the Smartphone software by going to Google Play or iTunes and do a search on SMOK to download. Some users have complained that it doesn't work on their phone so we cannot guarantee the Bluetooth functionality of this device. Initial Password for entering app is 000000. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and was able to connect an use the software. I mainly went in to test if I could change wattage with the smartphone and was able to do so.

You can do so much inside the menuing system,. You can control LED light displays (this can be kind of fun RGB manipulation - you can make it one color, fade to different colors or sharply flick through the colors while you have the vape bar pressed in - the lighting runs up and down the full length of the unit and can make a colorful light sho or you can turn it off completely), set date and time, turn off the unit completely, change wattage.

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