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Efest BIO v2 Charger up to 26650 w/ Dual USB Output, Car Charger


Efest BIO Intelligent Charger V2

Similar to the TrustFire Multifunctional Charger (TR-001) but with advantage of:
  • Significantly faster charge
  • Selectable Voltage Output

Other Features:
  • US - UL approved
  • Can charge large size batteries like 26650, 26500 & 22650 as well as 10440, 16340 14500, 14650, 18350, 18500 and 18650 without spacers
  • Input: 12V 2A
  • Use button to select output (re: charge speed, higher MA provides faster charge): 4.2V - 2000mA, 1000mA, or 500mA
  • Charge only re-chargeable batteries, others can cause personal injury
  • Reverse-polarity protection.
  • Comes also with a car charger adapter.

The Efest BIO v2 is a high quality smart charger with two built-in independent charging channels with reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, over current protection and zero voltage activation function. It can automatically monitor battery power and give an alarm notice.

ALSO, with one fully charged battery in the LEFT CHANNEL the BIO V2 can also charge devices such as mobile phones, iPad, MP3 players, and other android devices via the USB output ports.
  • Charging function: pressing the transparent button can change the charging modes (0.5A/1A/2A)
  • Low power warning: place a battery into one of the slots and the button will flash BLUE if the battery is lower than 15% and means that the battery definitely needs recharged.
  • Zero Voltage Activation Function: when charger is in standby, place over-discharged battery (output under 2V), zero voltage activation starts for safer more thorough charging cycle.
  • Overcharging function prevents charging when the battery is full

The manual is excellent with this charger. You will learn much about safe charging and proper operation of this unit by taking 5-10 minutes to thoroughly read it over. It is written in plain easy-to-read English.

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