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X8 Carto Tank 3.0ml with Fill Port and Base Carto Secure Knob

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Very attractive 3.0ml carto tank, extremely well sealed. You can disassemle the tank from this unit but it is so well sealed into the top and bottom o-rings that you are instead provided a top knurled screw-in fill port through which you can fill your tank without removal of your cart!

Earlier releases of the X series tanks provide a machined hole at the base but no extra screw. Many speculated this was to hold the top screw when refilling so as not to lose it. We surmised it may be there to provide additional air flow control. But the main function of this hole and now, with included matching knurled screw is to SECURE the carto for help to prevent slippage. When you insert your carto, you can screw this knob in until it snugly grips the carto at the base and holds it there securely preventing slippage - nifty!

With its clean quasi-steam-punk appearance, stainless tip and highly polished top and bottom caps you simply have a nice sophisticated entry and somewhat low-profile entry into the carto tank market. This is a KEEPER!

  • The tube can be removed but it is very tight. You will need to use your thumbnail to wedge at the top of the tube and bottom to wiggle it off. We suggest removing the bottom screw to provide air displacement to make this easier.
  • The way this is designed you could easily find a longer tube to use on this unit as long as it is tooled properly.
  • You do not have to use the bottom screw and not using it or adjusting it MAY provide more airflow if desired. We haven't verified this. Also your unit will be subject to slippage any tank encounters if it has no locking mechanism.
  • You can use any non-flanged steel punched carto in this unit. The carto provided with the tank is 35mm high.
  • We would suggest keeping fill screw in the fill port to provide proper vacuum pull and also to avoid misplacement.
  • Dimensions: 35mm or 1.7 inches high (without drip tip); 21mm or .8 inches wide.

There are absolutely NO DOA warranties on the 35mm punched carto that comes with this unit

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