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aCLEAR 3.5ml Variable Clearo Tank Kit w/3 heads Nova Clone-CLEAR

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Introducing to GotVapes the aClear Variable 3.5ml Tank Clearomizer.

The manufacturer of this Vivi Nova clone choose a curious descriptor in their product name - Variable - at first blush it might throw you for a loop but it simply means you can use various coil heads like you can use on the Vision Vivi Nova.

Like the Vivi Nova it implements a changeable coil head system and the kit comes installed with a 2.4ohm coil head and gives you two extra heads, a 1.8ohm and a 2.8ohm, just as the Vision Vivi Nova provides. You basically screw off the cap, fill the tank with juice (it is advised not to go above the 2.8ml fill line), let soak for a few minutes, then vape.

Both the aClear and the Vision Vivi Nova are identical in size, and as a matter of fact, you can use Vision Vivi Nova tanks, both clear, metal and the STV metal/windowed tanks on the aClear. But there are differences. Make sure you enlarge the pictures on the left as they very plainly show these differences with hi-res closeups. Why didn't they make a perfect clone? It could be they did not want to expose themselves to whatever copyright/patent infringement that might be enforced in China and it also may be that they felt their changes might make this system a better performing one. The early feedback on these is they perform much the same.

Differences/Similarities Between the aClear & the Vision Vivi Nova:
  • The aClear base/air stem is noticeably shorter than the Vision Vivi Nova by a good 5-6mm.
  • The knurled base on the aClear is just a tad thinner than the Vision Vivi Nova.
  • The heads are somewhat different: The aClear has a raised pip similar to the Stardust/CE4 heads but not nearly as pronounced, while the Vision Vivi Nova heads have a conically hollowed out metal piece that leads to the coil. Both have a condom that slips over this. The Vision Vivi Nova has a white collar into which the coil and wicks enter and rest. The aClear has no collar but its conical metal pip piece slips deeper into that area over the coil/wick.
  • Although both heads use the same threading and both will thread into each stem, because of the differences outlined above, we would not recommend interchangeability (but its a free country! Try it if you want, but at your own risk :)
  • Both the aClear and the Vision Vivi Nova have the ohms etched on the side of their coil heads.
  • The caps look identical until you flip them upside down. When you do, you will see a beveled hollowed out cap bottom on the Vision Vivi Nova as opposed to a flat bottom on the aClear with an airhole that obviously fits right over the pip. In theory this may give a tighter and possibly warmer vape.
  • The tubes are identical both in thickness (both are PC), girth and height. As a matter of fact they are interchangeable. The only differences are on the print with the aClear and Vivi Nova wording at the base and the aClear shows gradation to the 3.5ml mark as opposed the the ViVi Nova showing to the 2.8ml line (and recommended fill line for both). So why did aClear show gradations to 3.5 if they strongly recommend you don't fill to that mark? I suppose again, it is to provide defense in the case of some infringement threat.
  • The aClear and ViVi Nova both use a removeable 510 pawn style drip tip but aClear's is a chromed out metal (its fairly heavy) and Vivi Nova uses a standard black acrylic/plastic.
  • The Vision Vivi Nova has fully cushioned packaging while the aClear has a branded printed box with instructions and graphics printed on two sides, no foam isert and so about 1/4th the size. The aClear coil heads are individually and sealed candy wrapped with the ohmage screen-printed on the outside of the aClear candy wrap so you can see more clearly what you are dealing with at a glance when first opening it up for use.

What You Recieve With the aClear 3.5ml Tank Variable Clearomizer Kit:
  • 3.5ml gradated clear tank
  • Chrome metal cap and base
  • 510 chrome removeable drip tip
  • 2.4ohm head installed with extra 1.8ohm and 2.8ohm heads.
  • Proprietary boxed with instructions on the side
  • Additional heads available in this same category.

PS - Monkey Mama needs this.

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