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What is An Atomizer?

An atomizer is basically the heating element in your e-cigarette. The battery sends a charge through this heating element and it 'cooks' your e-juice, basically vaporizing or 'atomizing' your juice into an inhalable form. Normally wick or other filler material holds the juice to this coil. An atomizer then is a unit that screws on to your battery and it houses the heating coil along with wicking material (which is soaked with e-juice).
How is the juice applied to the coil in this scenario? Well, you can directly 'drip' into the atomizer or you can attach a cartridge which holds the juice in a sponge like batting and by force of gravity and capillary action applies it to the atomizer.

At GotVapes we firmly believe a better alternative to the atomizer/cartirdge combo, and arguably better than doing a direct drip, is the cartomizer explained in the next section.

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