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Finally, Its All Nothing Without eJuice

eJuice is simply a mixture of food grade vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol, natural or artificial flavoring and nicotine (you can get ejuice without nicotine) that when applied to the heating element (atomizer), provides the smoking experience without many of the carcinogens found in a traditional tobacco cigarette. The vegetable glycerin (or VG) and propylene glycol (or PG) provide the base for the flavorings and nicotine and also provide the vapor production that resembles a real cigarette's smoke, but without the odor and much of the danger of second hand smoke.

While many of our kits provide you with a tobacco flavoring, you can get a range of flavors from something like our FLüX™ Nectar Swedish Fish and Big Red Gum to fruity flavors, baked goods and even deserts such as banana split and blueberry pie. At GotVapes™ we produce a line of what we feel are take-it-to-the-bank flavors so that you are not spending alot of money trying to find your perfect vaping juice(s).

Be warned that finding your favorite juices can be one of your biggest expenses when you begin vaping so read reviews (taking them all with a grain of salt or course) and trust your instincts. When you can, order your juice initially in smaller sampler sizes to try out. eJuice preference can be very subjective and what one person may love, another person hates so normally ejuice purchases are non-refundable.

Again, at GotVapes™ we have limited ourselves to a smaller line of ejuice, concentrating on those we feel will pass the 'vapability' test of most ecigarette users, concentrating on quality rather than a confusing plethora of choices.

THANK YOU for taking our mini-tour on the basics of the ecigarette! We are sure you have many other questions and please do not hesitate to contact us if you do through our contact form!
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