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What's An e-Cigarette?

What exactly is an e-Cigarette?

An e-cigarette is an electronic device that is used with or without nicotine to simulate a regular tobacco smoking experience. The main components are:
  • The e-cigarette battery which is normally the longest part of an e-cigarette set-up.
  • Screwed onto the battery is an atomizer (used to vaporize juice) and attached to the atomizer is a cartridge which contains the juice often called e-Juice and can come in various flavors.
  • at GotVapes™ our products are comprised of a two piece system eliminating the need for a seperate atomizer/cartidge system as described above, using instead our specially designed FLüXomizer™ cartomizers which contain both the atomizer and juice reservoir in one unit.

Using an e-cigarette is simple but has some differences when compared to using a regular (analogue) cigarette. Your draw is usually taken slower and sometimes a bit longer than a regular cigarette. Instead of taking a sharp puff you place your lips over your cartomizer or mouthpiece and take a nice slow draw. You inhale and exhale smoke or, in the case of an e-cigarette, 'vapor'. This vapor looks remarkably like regular cigarette smoke without the inherent dangers of second-hand smoke as it consists primarily of water, food-grade glycerine and flavoring. There is no foul smell or lingering haze.

A battery can last as long as an hour or, in the case of our FlüGo™ e-cigarettes, up to a full day of use. Oftentimes an e-cigarette user has one battery they use actively while the other battery is charging. There are many kits available and at GotVapes™ we carry quality kits that we have tested and can assure will provide our valued customers as much of a hassle-free experience as possible.

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