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e-Cigarette Battery Info

Alas! An e-cigarette battery can come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Some can look remarkably similar to a 'real' cigarette and some can look nothing like a cigarette. The ones that depart from the traditional look of a cigarette do so for functionality - they provide much longer batter life as they are larger and can house a larger battery.

The typical ecigarette uses a stick-like battery that can normally last from 1-2 hours at the most. Normally a person who uses these may have an additional battery that acts as a spare and is charging while the ecigarette user is vaping on the other one. When the battery dies on one he simply swaps them out.

The batteries in our GotVapes™ FLüGo line of ecigarettes can provide enough juice to last a whole day depending on the intensity of your vaping habits. This is why you will see this style of ecigarette housed in a more barrel shaped configuration as naturally, the battery has to be larger.

A new and exciting configuration is the eGo™ USB Pass Through e-cigarette which looks very similar to our FLüGo line. It provides a 5 foot USB cord that can attach to your computer's USB port and charge your battery as you vape. When you need to move about you simply disconnect the cable at both ends and, if your battery has enough charge, you can take it on the go.

But it doesn't stop there. You can purchase ecigarette kits such as those in our GotVapes™ Bauway™ Spring line that resemble a small contoured box often called a 'fistpack'. They will typically house batteries that can be removed from inside the unit. Some of these boxier styles provide enough room for more than one battery thus enabling you to go more than one day without losing power. This may be important if you are out and about and cannot chance losing power and having no back-up batteries. These batteries greatly resemble your typical AA sized alkaline batteries but provide much longer sustained power.

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