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What is a Cartomizer or FLüXomizer™?

In the last section we covered what an atomizer was and basically stated it was the heating element that is used to vaporize your ejuice and that it is normally housed in its own seperate unit.

A GotVapes™ FLüXomizer™ Cartomizer is also a type of atomizer in that it holds that heating coil but, instead of requiring a seperate piece to hold the juice, it is an all-in-one unit in that it also acts as a juice reservior. It is thought of as a superior and much more convenient one-piece design. You simply screw this one piece, filled with your ejuice, on to your battery.

There are other advantages to a FLüXomizer™ cartomizer:
  • MORE JUICE - Our FLüXomizer™ cartomizer can hold much more juice than a cartridge/atomizer two-piece system. The latter can only hold about 7 drops of juice while our FLüXomizer™ can hold anywhere between 20-40 drops of juice depending on whether you purchase our regular size or XL sized version.
  • NO LEAKAGE - An atomizer/cartidge combo is more prone to leaking both on to your equipment and into your mouth as you vape. Our FLüXomizer™ cartomizers provide a much better sealed environment.
  • BETTER FLAVOR - Our FLüXomizer™ cartomizers give a NOTICEABLE improvement in taste as juice is applied to the heating element through a wick instead of poly batting, which is sponge-like and can tend to char or burn, affecting the taste. We use a fillerless technology. NOTHING comes between the flavor of your ejuice and your taste buds, providing a cleaner vape.
  • ALL DAY VAPING - Our FLüXomizer™ cartomizers can normally be used until nearly every drop of fluid is used up in the unit, while an atomizer/cartridge combo and every other brand of cartomizer hold their juice in a sponge-like batting and when that batting gets about half-way dry the juice has a difficult time getting to the heating coil, requiring the user to 'top-off' the batting every 30-40 minutes (even though there is still juice in the unit!). With our FLüXomizer™ cartomizers you can vape it dry requiring less attention to your equipment and more attention to your vaping enjoyment. Who wants to mess with constantly topping off your equipment? Using one of our XL FLüXomizer™ cartomizers you can fill up and go practically all day until you have depleted all of your juice.

Learn more about the power behind your e-cigarette in the next section - eCigarette Battery Info.
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