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CLOSEOUT Spectacular

Coming Soon! This is a special category for those products we are closing out and will no longer be available once they are sold out.

Why Are We Doing This?
  1. Some products, though well performing, do not have the brand recognition and therefore, loyalty, of similar big name products. We have invested heavily in some of these products but they have moved slowly because of this and we simply need to recoup our investment and improve our cash flow. You win and we are able to shift our capital resources elsewhere to help us move forward more aggressively.
  2. Some products, though exciting at the time, have been overshadowed by new product releases. Yet, they still are well performing and many of you still cherish them and use them. Nevertheless we do not plan on re-ordering them as we have to prioritize our inventory floor.

Some Important Details
  1. Please note and this is VERY important: Because of the closeout prices and the fact that we will not get anymore of these products in we cannot offer ANY warranty on these products. WE are NOT dumping "B" product but are offering these in good faith. So on this particular category there are expressly no warranties whatsoever. This will be strictly enforced.
  2. Your purchases in this category still qualify as legitimate purchases and apply to your Super VIP purchase levels and you also can apply Newsletter VIP and Super VIP discounts to these products as in the rest of our catalogue.
  3. Most of the time there will be no purchase limit on these products. This may be ideal for brick and mortar vape shops who get a good deal and can provide a good markup for your own profitability and expense of running a store front. A brick and mortar can do well with these products as you are able to demonstrate, hands-on, the product, and show the value of the product. But again, remember, there are no warranties on these products.

There are no products to list in this category.
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