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MyVape RBA Advanced

There are some products we encourage only experienced vapers to purchase, in the fiddler or tinkerer realm, or those who aspire to such - this is what the MyVape Advanced category is about.


These devices, including Rebuildable Atomizers, require some tweaking and trial-and-error until you get to a sweet spot. They usually are not an out-of-the-box experience. If you have purchased one of these rebuildables or APV's (advanced personal vapers) we cannot to give detailed advice in tickets, we would prefer to have you avail yourself on "Our wonderfully active forum on ECF", which is one of the most active vendor's forum on ECF and is always filled with helpful souls and is monitored by the owner of MyVape for nearly 24 hours each day.

Remember, These are Advanced Devices and as such They are As-Is!
There is "NO" Warranty on any of these Devices!

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